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Arab Esports Return Cup Final

Tournament overview

Prize pool $600

Starts: 01-10-2022 12:00

Ends: 01-10-2022 15:00

Team size 4

Participants Teams


Tournament format & Rules

- Events Rules :


•The account level must be above the level 50  

• it is Forbidden to use the flare gun  

• it is Forbidden to open the all mic  

• it is Forbidden to use glitch's  

• It is forbidden to end killing with a frying pan or by hand

• Each team must stick to the place assigned to it  

• Alliance is forbidden  

• it is Forbidden to use any type of Hacker  

• Violation of the tournament rules will result in a final disqualification from the tournament

• All the names of the team members inside the game must be exactly the same registered on the site

• Players are allowed to live stream the qualifiers, But the name of ArabEsports must be added in the live stream title  

•The four qualified teams from the first qualifiers are prohibited from participating in the second qualifiers  

•Emulators and IPAD are not allowed  

•You should send a screenshot to all players to make sure no one is using an iPad



Contact us at :

- Discord : https://discord.gg/9uKX6CH4CS

Points system

Points per kill : 1

Points per rank :

1 Place : 15 Points

2 Place : 12 Points

3 Place : 10 Points

4 Place : 8 Points

5 Place : 6 Points

6 Place : 4 Points

7 Place : 2 Points

8-12 Places : 1 Points

13-18 Places : 0 Points


First place

Total prize of 300

Second place

Total prize of 200

Third place

Total prize of 100

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