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ArabEsports Brawlhalla CUP#2

Tournament overview

Prize pool $100

Starts: 07/10/2021 02:00

Ends: 07/10/2021 05:00

America/New York 02:00

Team size 1

Participants Players

Type SEB

Tournament format & Rules

.Tournament Info & Rules :

-How to create a team inside the site and register in the tournament :


-Any questions about the tournament, you can ask here at :


.Tournament Rules :
-The player must register in his name within the game on the site
-The player must confirm participation 60 minutes before the start of the tournament on the website
-All players must Join the Discord server, the link is above
-Any player who changes his name before the start of the tournament must inform the moderators or he will be disqualified
-All information registered to the player must be confirmed correct, otherwise the player will be excluded from the tournament
- All matches in the UPPER BRACKET and LOWER BRACKET will be [BO3] except for the final [BO5] for both brackets

.How to play :
1. Enter the site to find out who your competitor is and talk to him
2. Add your competitor
3. Enter the game
4. Create the match and invite the opponent
5. Set the game settings
6. Start the game
7. Take a screenshot of the match result when you're done
8. Upload the result of the match in the chat dedicated to your match on the site

.Match settings :

Game Mode: Stock 
Teams: Off 
Lives: 3 Match 
Time: 8:00 
Gadgets: Off 
Test Features: Off 
Map Set: 1v1

.Lobby Settings :

Region: Europe 
Friends: Off 
Clanmates: Off 
Room Number: On 
Room Type: Custom
Max Players: 2 (1v1)
Map Choosing: Tournament Striking 
Blind Pick: Off



First place


Second place


Third place


Fourth place